The Cloud has been a major conversational component among many businesses over the past several years. It is no longer a question that the cloud trend will continue however but rather, how quickly the cloud adoption rate will advance for mid-size businesses running the core business on an ERP solution.

So why would Cloud ERP make a wonderful Valentine for your business, now and in the years to come?  Although there are quite a few factors to explore when considering the Cloud, outlined herein are three key facts to ponder; security, communication and collaboration.

Just like in any great relationship, you want to feel that your partner has your back – and Cloud ERP can do just that. The Cloud provides higher security and protects the applications and the data they host. Don’t wait for a security breach to happen to learn about better data protective options for your system. If past security breaches have taught us anything, it’s important to be more proactive and responsive if a breach takes place. Your ERP system helps keep things on track so, it’s no surprise that some organizations are looking at cloud-based ERP systems as a low cost and more efficient method.

After establishing trust and security in your new IT relationship, communication will be your key to success. Wouldn’t communication be easier if you could access each other from anywhere, at any time? Well, companies that operate in the Cloud can enable easier remote accessibility, meaning they can access their data via mobile apps from smart phones and or tablets. According to Aberdeen, Cloud Project Management 2016, those with a cloud solution are 70% more likely to have real-time visibility into all project information. Which means organizations can be more responsive when it comes to reacting to changing events as they happen.

Now that you feel safe in your relationship, and have established communication, it’s time to start working together. Cloud technology can improve collaboration. Businesses that utilize the Cloud not only  have an easier time sharing information internally, but they are also over twice as likely to be able to share project information faster. Now with Cloud technology, businesses have the capabilities to collaborate amongst their multiple locations in order to ensure demand is accounted for, shipments get delivered on time, and routes are modified to guarantee better service.

The Cloud offers a myriad of business benefits that organizations today are increasingly coming to realize. Transforming core business functions securely and agilely while empowering the work force with communication and collaboration are most certainly the components of a successful partnership. This Valentine’s Day, consider partnering with the Cloud, and make the connection that can truly advance your business.

About Kevin Beasley

VAI Chief Information Officer As Chief Information Officer, Kevin Beasley provides vision and leadership in technology planning for VAI. Beasley oversees both the corporation’s technology strategy in conjunction with product development and the internal information technology initiatives that support the goals of VAI. With an in-depth working knowledge of enterprise resource planning software development, Beasley is an integral part of VAI’s leadership team.

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