Keeping on top of today’s ever-changing technology can be a challenge, one that HVAC distributors particularly can find overwhelming. There are numerous technology options that can change the way the HVAC industry does business. Here is 1 of 3 tips to power the way you look at technology. To read the full article, head to Distribution Center

1.Get The Facts. HVAC distribution companies are realizing the importance of making data-driven decisions. The focus has shifted to implementing integrated software that can direct shipments, produce dynamic sales reporting, contract pricing / pricing matrix and increase warehouse productivity all together. Companies can now use analytics to determine the best steps for maximizing profitability. The results for companies who move in this direction can be that of a system which provides real-time information across departments in a timely manner, allowing distributors to make effective business decisions, (Modern Distribution: Management 2015 Wholesale Distribution Trends). Having real-time analytics accessible to distributors can increase the amount of information provided to all areas of the organization. Whether in the warehouse or on the road, you can now get the facts needed with no wait necessary.


Joe Scioscia, VAI Vice President of Sales


About Joe Scioscia

VAI Vice President of Sales Joe Scioscia is the vice president of sales at VAI. His responsibilities include both direct and indirect sales, worldwide field support, field strategy and planning, sales operations and product development. Joe has been selling enterprise management solutions to distribution and manufacturing companies for more than 25 years, and he has helped some of the industry’s most recognized companies improve efficiencies and responsiveness. Joe is an IBM Certified Specialist and has spoken at numerous events as a subject matter expert. Joe earned a BBA from Hofstra University in Business Computer Information Systems.

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