Top performing companies find that a continuing source of efficiency, productivity and operational improvements, results in quantifiable cost savings, schedule improvements, reduced cycle times and increased inventory accuracy. But it is never as simple as just stating, “Implement ERP.”

According to Aberdeen, “Roll with the Punches: Select Flexible ERP and be Prepared for Business Challenges,” 71% of ERP selection starts by having a clear objective of what you are truly looking for from your software. You may find yourself asking questions like, “what’s being done well, and what can be improved?” Whether you’re searching for your first ERP solution, or you are planning to make a switch to another solution and vendor, you must be mindful that your decision will have long-term consequences for your company. By understanding your requirements, your resources, your ROI estimates, and your scalability desires, you can start by developing a list of vendors whose offerings and corporate culture will support your industry and your business needs.

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Bob Vormittag Jr., VAI Project Director 


About Bob Vormittag Jr.

VAI Project Director As Project Director, Bob Vormittag Jr. holds joint responsibility for project planning and new account implementations, ensuring timely and efficient software solutions that are responsive to customer requirements. Vormittag’s style is hands-on, consistent with his belief that firsthand knowledge is a prerequisite to quality service and customer satisfaction.

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